PDFViewer Macro Translations

rendering.macro.pdfviewer.name=PDF Viewer
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.description=PDF Viewer based on Mozilla pdf.js
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.parameter.file.description=The full PDF file reference, an absolute URL or only the name of the attachment when is used along with the document parameter. Multiple files can be defined.
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.parameter.document.description=Reference to the XWiki document to which the file is attached. If not defined, the current document or only the file parameter is used. If file argument is an absolute URL or the attachment does not exists, this argument is ignored. The same is applied for each defined file.
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.parameter.width.description=The viewer width, defined as a percentage (e.g. 50%, 100%). If not defined, the default value will be used
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.parameter.height.description=The viewer height, in pixels. If not defined, the default value will be used
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.parameter.asAuthor.name=Delegate my view right
rendering.macro.pdfviewer.parameter.asAuthor.description=If this value is true (or 1 or yes) and the viewing user has no access to the document containing the PDF file, the PDF file could still be viewed on behalf of your view right (if you have view right on the containing document).
pdfviewer.error.nodocument=The document [{0}] does not exists or you have no access to that document.
pdfviewer.error.noattachment=The file attachment [{0}] does not exists in document [{1}].
pdfviewer.error.nofile=No PDF filename or absolute URL provided.
pdfviewer.extension.name=PDF Viewer Macro (Pro)
admin.pdfviewermacro=PDF Viewer Macro (Pro)

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