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This page contains the distributions of the core engine for the Microsoft .NET platform.

tuProlog.NET is a software project almost completely crafted by students during their bachelor or master thesis. Researchers and professors supervise the project, but they do not directly participate in the software construction.

Latest Version

tuProlog.NET 2.1 has been verified to run on Microsoft .NET version 2.0 and Mono 1.2.5.

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Previous Versions

tuProlog.NET 1.2.0 runs on Microsoft .NET version 1.1 and above.

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tuProlog.NET 1.2.0 comes with a command-line interface only. A basic GUI is provided as a separate package.

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Student Thesis

The following are the thesis developed by students who contributed to shape and code tuProlog.NET. Thesis are in Italian unless otherwise noted.

Marco Albertin
Progetto e sviluppo del supporto all'interoperabilità fra l'interprete tuProlog e linguaggi su piattaforma Microsoft.NET
October 2008

Mattia Generali
Reingegnerizzazione del supporto per l'interprete tuProlog su piattaforma Microsoft .NET
October 2007