Old News
A new paper entitled “The Architecture and Design of a Malleable Object-Oriented Prolog Engine” has been published and presented in the Special Track on Programming Languages at the ACM SAC 2008 conference. (See Documents)

tuProlog.NET 2.1 has been released. (See tuProlog.NET)

tuProlog 2.1 has been released. (See Download)

We received a visit by Ivar ├śrstavik, a norwegian PhD student who wanted to work with the tuProlog development team. As a result, the next tuProlog 2.1 version will contain his efforts on the parser and the theory management subsystems. Ivar also gave a presentation about his own meeting with tuProlog.

The Association for Logic Programming (ALP) newsletter focuses on tuProlog 2.0 for its Logic Programming System Spotlight. (See Documents)