2P-Kt / tuProlog

2P-Kt / tuProlog

tuProlog (2P for short) is a logic programming framework supporting multi-paradigm programming via a seamless, orthogonal, and bidirectional integration between the logic and object-oriented paradigms
2P-Kt (tuProlog in Kotlin) is a reboot of the tuProlog project based on Kotlin aimed at providing for a general, extensible, and interoperable ecosystem for logic programming and artificial intelligence

2P-Kt / tuProlog Tidbits

tuProlog is

  •  a light-weight Prolog system for desktop, web, or mobile applications 
  •  designed around a minimal, layered core, to be configured via libraries either statically or dynamically 
  •  an object-oriented library of reusable logic programming software, which can be exploited by most mainstream programming frameworks and platforms 
  •  an open source technology released under the Apache 2.0 License 

2P-Kt is

  •  the current implementation of tuProlog in Kotlin targetting JVM, JS (both server- and browser-side), and Android platforms 
  •  ultimately aimed at providing intelligent systems engineers with a general-purpose, extensible, open ecosystem for symbolic AI 

2P-Kt / tuProlog Tech & Docs

If you meet any issue with 2P-Kt please open an issue on the GitLab Issues page.

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