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page_white_acrobat  An RBAC Approach for Securing Access Control in a MAS Coordination Infrastructure (paper in proceedings, 2004)Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat  Linkable Coordination Artifacts for Inter-Organisational Workflow (paper in proceedings, 2006)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Nicola Zaghini
page_white_acrobat  MAS Organization within a Coordination Infrastructure: Experiments in TuCSoN (paper in proceedings, 2004)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci
page_white_powerpoint  Meta-Models, Environment and Layers: Agent-Oriented Engineering of Complex Systems (PhD presentation @ PhD Final Examination, 07/04/2008) — Ambra Molesini (Ambra Molesini)
page_white_acrobat  Coordination Infrastructures in the Engineering of Multiagent Systems (book chapter, 2004)Andrea Omicini, Sascha Ossowski, Alessandro Ricci
page_white_text (internships)  Tecnologie e framework per la programmazione multi-agente
page_white_acrobat  RBAC for Organisation and Security in an Agent Coordination Infrastructure (paper in proceedings, 2005)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli
page_white_acrobat  Multi-agent Infrastructures for Objective and Subjective Coordination (article in journal, 2004)Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Marco Cioffi, Giovanni Rimassa
page_white_acrobat  Infrastructure for RBAC-MAS: An Approach Based on Agent Coordination Contexts (article in journal, 2007)Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci
page_white_acrobat  Situated Process Engineering for Integrating Processes from Methodologies to Infrastructures (paper in proceedings, 2009)Ambra Molesini, Elena Nardini, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
page_white_text (tucson)  TuCSoN
page_white_powerpoint  Situated Process Engineering for Integrating Processes from Methodologies to Infrastructures (talk @ AOMP 2009 @ SAC 2009, 09/03/2009) — Andrea Omicini (Ambra Molesini, Andrea Omicini)
page_white_acrobat  Coordination for Situated MAS: Towards an Event-driven Architecture (paper in proceedings, 2013)Andrea Omicini, Stefano Mariani
page_white_acrobat  Engineering Trust in Complex System through Mediating Infrastructures (paper in proceedings, 2004)Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat  Agent Coordination Contexts in a MAS Coordination Infrastructure (article in journal, 2006)Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini



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