The Cloud has become the most widespread incarnation of the "as a service" paradigm, from infrastructure, to middleware services, up to application bundles.
In the specific field of coordination, too, the Cloud may play an important role in enabling and promoting the "Coordination as a Service" paradigm, where, essentially, coordination services are requested by applications to Cloud-hosted "coordination providers", e.g., through a RESTful interface.
In order to do so, not only technical issues have to be addressed  e.g., in the case of tuple-based coordination, how to (re)distribute the coordination load among a dynamic set of tuple spaces  but also, perhaps more importantly, conceptual ones, such as: what does it mean to deliver coordination as a service? what is the service (the tuple space storage? the coordination operations? the coordination laws? both?)? which is the business model? and the like.

The thesis aims to advance the state of the "Coordination as a service" paradigm by conceiving and developing a model and prototype for distributing TuCSoN coordination services in the Cloud.

Tags: TuCSoN



— supervisor
Andrea Omicini
— co-supervisor
Stefano Mariani


1st-Cycle Thesis






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