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27 third-cycle theses  /  1995–2023

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Giovanni Ciatto
On the role of Computational Logic in Data Science: representing, learning, reasoning, and explaining knowledge
Third-cycle Thesis, 16/06/2022
Roberto Casadei
Engineering Self-Adaptive Collective Processes for Cyber-Physical Ecosystems
Third-cycle Thesis, 02/04/2020
Roberta Calegari
Micro-Intelligence for the IoT: Logic-Based Models and Technologies
Third-cycle Thesis, 20/04/2018
Valeri Katerinchuk
Heuristic Multicast Routing Algorithms in WSNs with Incomplete Network Knowledge
Third-cycle Thesis, 15/12/2017
Adane Letta Mamuye
Simplicial Complexes and Graph Rewriting for Modelling RNA Folding
Third-cycle Thesis, 25/07/2017
Marco Piangerelli
A topological classifier for detecting the emergence of anomalous synchronization in brain activities
Third-cycle Thesis, 25/07/2017
Francesco Luca De Angelis
A Logic-Based Coordination Middleware for Self-Organising Systems: distributed reasoning based on many-valued logics
Third-cycle Thesis, 03/07/2017
Stefano Mariani
Coordination Issues in Complex Socio-Technical Systems: Self-Organisation of Knowledge in MoK
Third-cycle Thesis, 13/05/2016
Giuseppe Vizzari
Dynamic Interaction Spaces and Situated Multi-Agent Systems: From a Multi-Layered Model to a Distributed Architecture
Third-cycle Thesis, 15/02/2015
Francesco Olivieri
Compliance by Design: Synthesis of Business Processes by Declarative Specifications
Third-cycle Thesis, 26/08/2014
Andrea Santi
Engineering Agent-Oriented Technologies and Programming Languages for Computer Programming and Software Development
Third-cycle Thesis, 19/04/2013
Emilia Garcia
Engineering Regulated Open Multiagent Systems
Third-cycle Thesis, 19/04/2013
Giuseppe Loseto
Knowledge Representation Methods for Smart Devices in Intelligent Buildings
Third-cycle Thesis, 22/03/2013
Paolo Pannarale
Sistemi Intelligenti per la Progettazione e Modellazione Automatica di Circuiti Genetici
Third-cycle Thesis, 22/03/2013
Bin Lu
Supporting Agent-Oriented Models within the Software Life Cycle
Third-cycle Thesis, 15/08/2012
Sara Montagna
Multi-level models and infrastructures for simulating biological system development
Third-cycle Thesis, 28/04/2011
Elena Nardini
Semantic Coordination Through Programmable Tuple Spaces
Third-cycle Thesis, 28/04/2011
Migle Laukyte
Law and Science through the Lens of Patent Law and Software Agents
Third-cycle Thesis, 14/07/2010
Michele Piunti
Designing and Programming Organizational Infrastructures for Agents situated in Artifact-based Environments
Third-cycle Thesis, 30/04/2010
Maurizio Cimadamore
Constructs and Applications of Generic Programming in Object-Oriented Languages
Third-cycle Thesis, 30/04/2010
Matteo Casadei
Self-organising coordination systems
Third-cycle Thesis, 08/09/2009
Enrico Oliva
Argumentation and artifacts for intelligent multi-agent systems
Third-cycle Thesis, 07/04/2008
Ambra Molesini
Meta-models, environment and layers: agent-oriented engineering of complex systems
Third-cycle Thesis, 07/04/2008
Luca Gardelli
Engineering Self-organising Systems with the Multi-Agent Paradigm
Third-cycle Thesis, 02/04/2008
Alessandro Ricci
Engineering Agent Societies with Coordination Artifacts and Supporting Infrastructures 
Third-cycle Thesis, 15/04/2004
Enrico Denti
Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems: Programming the Interaction
Third-cycle Thesis, 20/02/1998
Andrea Omicini
Programmazione Logica Orientata agli Oggetti
Third-cycle Thesis, 10/11/1995
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