supervisor : Antonio Natali

supervisor : Antonio Natali

10 theses

book  Multi-level models and infrastructures for simulating biological system development (3rd cycle, 28/04/2011) — Sara Montagna
book  Constructs and Applications of Generic Programming in Object-Oriented Languages (3rd cycle, 30/04/2010) — Maurizio Cimadamore
book  Designing and Programming Organizational Infrastructures for Agents situated in Artifact-based Environments (3rd cycle, 30/04/2010) — Michele Piunti
book  Self-organising coordination systems (3rd cycle, 08/09/2009) — Matteo Casadei
book  Argumentation and artifacts for intelligent multi-agent systems (3rd cycle, 07/04/2008) — Enrico Oliva
book  Meta-models, environment and layers: agent-oriented engineering of complex systems (3rd cycle, 07/04/2008) — Ambra Molesini
book  Engineering Self-organising Systems with the Multi-Agent Paradigm (3rd cycle, 02/04/2008) — Luca Gardelli
book  Engineering Agent Societies with Coordination Artifacts and Supporting Infrastructures  (3rd cycle, 15/04/2004) — Alessandro Ricci
book  Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems: Programming the Interaction (3rd cycle, 20/02/1998) — Enrico Denti
book  Programmazione Logica Orientata agli Oggetti (3rd cycle, 10/11/1995) — Andrea Omicini

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