From Service-Oriented Architectures to Nature-Inspired Self-aware Pervasive Service Ecosystems: The SAPERE Approach

Franco Zambonelli

Emerging pervasive computing services and applications have to execute in very dynamic physical and social environments. Therefore, there is need for open service frameworks promoting situated self-aware and self-adaptive behaviours in services, and supporting diversity and long-term evolvability of services. This suggests adopting a nature-inspired approach, where pervasive services are modelled and deployed as autonomous individuals in an ecosystem of other services, data sources, and pervasive devices.

We present and critically analyse a number of natural metaphors that can be adopted to realize these concepts, survey relevant proposals in the area, and introduce a reference architecture to guide in framing the challenges involved in the design and implementation of future self-adaptive pervasive service ecosystems. Application scenarios in the area of pervasive crowdsourcing will be adopted to clarify the concepts presented.


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