Advancing Object-Oriented Standards Toward Agent-Oriented Methodologies: SPEM 2.0 on SODA

Ambra Molesini  /  Andrea Omicini, Ambra Molesini

Building ad-hoc design processes and methodologies has become a key challenge in Software Engineering, and several efforts are being made for developing appropriate meta-models both for methodologies and development processes. The Software Process Engineering Meta-model (SPEM) — an OMG object-oriented standard — is a natural candidate for representing, comparing and reusing design processes in a uniform way.

In this paper we apply SPEM 2.0 to Agent-Oriented Software Engineering methodologies, so as to assess its strengths and limitations. To this end, we take the SODA methodology as a significant case study, and compare the meta-model of its process obtained from SPEM 2.0 with the former meta-model obtained from SPEM 1.0.


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