Formal ReSpecT in the A&A Perspective

Andrea Omicini

Coordination languages and models have found a new course in the context of MAS (multiagent systems). By re-interpreting results in terms of agent-oriented abstractions, new conceptual spaces are found, which extend the reach of coordination techniques far beyond their original scope. This is for instance the case of coordination media, when recasted in terms of coordination artifacts in the MAS context.

In this talk, we take the well-established ReSpecT language for programming tuple centre behaviour, and adopt the A&A (agents and artifacts) meta-model as a perspective to reinterpret, revise, extend and complete it. A formal model of the so-called A&A ReSpecT language is presented, along with an example illustrating its use for MAS coordination.

The paper was later amended, extended, and published in the FOCLASA 2006 formal proceedings on ENTCS as Formal ReSpecT in the A&A Perspective.



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5th International Workshop on Foundations of Coordination Languages and Software Architectures (FOCLASA 2006)

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Bonn, Germany

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CONCUR 2006 Program

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