Using Eclipse in Building Model-driven e-Learning Supports

Enrico Oliva

In this talk we discuss the role of modelling and of EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) and GMF (Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework) in the design and development of supports for eLearning applications. A model driven approach to eLearning applications is presented, rooted on the explicit representation of the model of the didactic content, based on a metamodel language expressed in Ecore. Besides exploiting the integration of Java, XML and UML provided by EMF, we introduce a Prolog-based representation of models as a more convenient way to overcome the gap between the user level and the technology level and as a mean to reduce the cost of design and implementation of learning strategies. Working in a MDA perspective, the tool exploits GMF and Jet (Java Emitter Templates) to produce code for a knowledge based, SCORM® compliant Platform Specific Model. The content model provides the Platform Independent Model that allows to achieve the intended behavioural semantics.


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2rd Italian Workshop on Eclipse Technologies

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Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” , Napoli, Italy

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