Elena Nardini  /  Andrea Omicini, Elena Nardini

<div>In the context of the Minerva-Reset project, we have done a survey to identify examples of actions and strategies used within a population of e-learning courses, in order to facilitate collaboration and support it in respect to the learning outcomes. The focus of the study is on the &#34;strategies&#34; reported by practitioners of e-learning to promote the &#34;good practices&#34; identified by previous experimental research.</div>

<div>In this presentation, we show the results of the survey concerning the e-learning platforms and tools for online communication, as well as for supporting online collaboration.</div>

This talk discusses the report on the usage of e-learning tools and platfoms for the [Minerva-Reset european project|MINERVA-RESET.WebHome].


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Meeting of the Minerva-Reset project. Munich, Germany

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