Michele Piunti

Agents and artifact model for MAS was recently proposed for promoting artifact based environments aimed at improv- ing agent coordination, goal oriented interactions and comu- nication. Nevertheless, the use artifacts for organisational purposes constraints agents to be aware of complex struc- tures of an organisational specfication: for instance, agents have to understand and be able to manipulate low level prim- itives which may be not proper of an application domain. To ease this requirement, we propose "embodied organisational artifacts" (EOA) as an organisational layer binding environ- ment artifacts with organisational ones. EOAs are aimed at transparently interceding with the organisational struc- tures, and at enabling possibly organisation-unaware agents to play in organisations with no need to deal with low level mechanisms of an organisaional specification. We propose a  formal description along with examples enlightening benefits of the proposed approach. 

Seminar at Ecole des Mines - G2I, St-Etienne (France)



Embodying Organisations - an Introduction 

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Michele Piunti

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