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Presentation atIn Smart Environments, people are immersed in time and space in an augmented reality: computing systems are ubiquitous, intelligence pervades the IIMMS-KES 2017 conference, Algarve, Pwhole environment and exploits space and time awareness to provide a globally contextualised, adaptive user experience. Because of their socio-technical nature, the development of Smart Environments calls for skills, concepts, methodologies, technologies from the most diverse fields – AI, coordination, distributed systems, organisational sciences, etc. –, thus inherently calling for a multi-paradigm perspective. This paper explores the Smart Environment context moving from two basic bricks: Butlers for Smart Spaces, a framework for the design of smart services for users immersed and interacting with their surrounding environment; and Home Manager, a multi-paradigm, agent-based platform for the implementation of Smart Living contexts—particularly focused on the reasoning aspects, so as to anticipate the users’ needs. For concreteness, we take a Smart Kitchen as our running example: we first discuss how it can be devised using Butlers for Smart Spaces, and then deployed on the Home Manager platform—highlighting in particular the context reasoning, prediction and adaptation aspects.
External Link http://iimss-17.kesinternational.org/
Presentation at IIMSS (Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services) 2017, inside the 10th International KES Conference