Andrea Omicini, Antonio Natali, Enrico Denti, Paola Mello, Evelina Lamma

To face the need of structuring mechanisms for logic programming, various proposals have been made during the last years; the approach which we concentrate on today, t.i.t.s. contextual logic programming, has been chosen by our group as the most promising one, from both the theoretical and the implementation point of view. The main idea of contextual logic programming is to provide programmers with a simple mean to build software components they need, both statically and dynamically in a uniform way. 

In this talk, we describe our main results concerning the implementation of the context abstraction as an extension of Prolog.

Bologna, Italy, 26/02/1992

This talk discusses the paper “Implementing Contexts in Logic Programming”, presented at ELP'92, later extended and published as “Techniques for Implementing Contexts in Logic Programming”.



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