Olivier Boissier  /  Michele Piunti, Olivier Boissier, Jomi Hübner, Rosine Kitio

In the last years, social and organisational aspects of agency have become a major issue in MAS research. Recent applications of MAS on Web Services, Grid Computing and Ubiquitous Computing enforce the need of using these aspects in order to ensure some social order within these systems. In this talk we focus and discuss the MOISE Framework that proposes an organisation oriented view on the programming of multiagent organisations. This seminar will present the different tools that are offered to this aim: 

  • specification of organisation and norms with the MOISE Organisation Modeling Language 
  • instruments for the management and governance of the organisation by the agents currently 

 forming the ORA4MAS toolbox that is built on top of the CArtAgO platform. 

  • integration architectures written in Jason that can be used to build organisation-aware or norm-deliberative agents.



Organisation-Oriented Programming of MAS

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Olivier Boissier

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Michele Piunti, Olivier Boissier, Jomi Hübner, Rosine Kitio

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aliCE Workshop - "Programming Multi-Agent Systems: Agents, Environment, Organisations"

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