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page_white_powerpointPervasive Ecosystems: a Coordination Model based on Semantic Chemistry (27th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2012), 28/03/2012) — Mirko Viroli (Mirko Viroli)
page_white_powerpointSelf-adaptive Service Ecosystems for Pervasive Computing (DISI seminars, 15/03/2012) — Mirko Viroli (Mirko Viroli)
page_white_powerpointEngineering Confluent Computational Fields: from Functions to Rewrite Rules (SCW 2013@AAMAS 2013, 06/05/2013) — Mirko Viroli (Mirko Viroli)
bricksMAS for SOS: models and technologies Giacomo Fiore  •  Mattia Castrichino  •  Emanuele Buccelli