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16 articles in journal  /  2007–2023  /  Roberta Calegari

articles in journal
Giuseppe Pisano, Roberta Calegari, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor
Burden of Persuasion: A Meta-argumentation Approach
Journal of Applied Logics 10(3), May 2023
Livio Robaldo, Sotiris Batsakis, Roberta Calegari, Francesco Calimeri, Megumi Fujita, Guido Governatori, Maria Concetta Morelli, Francesco Pacenza, Giuseppe Pisano, Ken Satoh, Ilias Tachmazidis, Jessica Zangari
Compliance checking on first-order knowledge with conflicting and compensatory norms: a comparison among currently available technologies
AI & Law, June 2023
Andrea Loreggia, Roberta Calegari, Emiliano Lorini, Francesca Rossi, Giovanni Sartor
How to model contrary-to-duty with GCP-nets
Intelligenza Artificiale 16(2), December 2022
Federico Sabbatini, Giovanni Ciatto, Roberta Calegari, Andrea Omicini
Symbolic knowledge extraction from opaque ML predictors in PSyKE: Platform design & experiments
Intelligenza Artificiale 16(1), July 2022
Roberta Calegari, Giuseppe Pisano, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor
Arg2P: An argumentation framework for explainable intelligent systems
Journal of Logic and Computation 32(2), March 2022
Marco Billi, Roberta Calegari, Giuseppe Contissa, Francesca Lagioia, Giuseppe Pisano, Galileo Sartor, Giovanni Sartor
Argumentation and Defeasible Reasoning in the Law
J — Multidisciplinary Scientific Journal 4(4), December 2021
Giovanni Ciatto, Roberta Calegari, Andrea Omicini
2P-Kt: A Logic-Based Ecosystem for Symbolic AI
SoftwareX 16, December 2021
Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Viviana Mascardi, Andrea Omicini
Logic-based Technologies for Multi-agent Systems: A Systematic Literature Review
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 35(1), 2021
Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
Logic-based Technologies for Intelligent Systems: State of the Art and Perspectives
Information 11(3), March 2020
Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini
On the integration of symbolic and sub-symbolic techniques for XAI: A survey
Intelligenza Artificiale 14(1), September 2020
Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini
Logic Programming as a Service in Multi-Agent  Systems for the Internet of Things
International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing 10(4), 2019
Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini
Logic Programming as a Service
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 18(5-6), September 2018
Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Agostino Dovier, Andrea Omicini
Extending Logic Programming with Labelled Variables: Model and Semantics
Fundamenta Informaticae 161(1-2), July 2018
Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Stefano Mariani, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
LPaaS as Micro-intelligence: Enhancing IoT with Symbolic Reasoning
Big Data and Cognitive Computing 2(3), 2018
Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti
Building Smart Spaces on the Home Manager platform
ALP Newsletter, December 2016
Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini, Roberta Calegari
tuProlog: Making Prolog Ubiquitous
Association for Logic Programming Newsletter, October 2013
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