Experiences in Automated Workflows using Dialectical Argumentation

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Visara Urovi, Stefano Bromuri, Jarred McGinnis, Kostas Stathis, Andrea Omicini

This paper presents a multi-agent framework based on argumentative agent technology for the automation of the workflow selection and execution. In this framework, workflow selection is coordinated by agent interactions governed by the rules of a dialogue game whose purpose is to evaluate the workflow's properties via argumentation. Once a workflow is selected using this process, the workflow is executed by dynamically configuring workflow engines to coordinate the participating agents' workflow activities.

(keywords) Workflow management, Agent Dialogues, Argumentation, TuCSoN, PROSOCS
IADIS International Conference "Intelligent Systems and Agents" (ISA 2007), Computer Science and Information Systems, pages 3-8, 3-8 July 2007.
Antonio Palma Dos Reis, Katherine Blaski, Yingcai Xiao (eds.), IADIS Press, MCCSIS 2007, Lisbon, Portugal
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