A Multi-Theory Logic Language for the World Wide Web

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Giulio Piancastelli, Andrea Omicini

Despite the recent formalization of the Web in terms of Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style and Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA), current tools for Web programming generally misunderstand its design. Based on REST/ROA insights, we claim that logic languages are suited for promoting the Web architecture and principles. The mapping of REST/ROA abstractions onto elements of Contextual Logic Programming also permits runtime modification of resource behavior. In this paper we present Web Logic Programming as a Prolog-based language for the Web embedding REST/ROA principles, meant to be the basis of an application framework for rapid prototyping.

Logic Programming, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5366, pages 769-773, December 2008.
Maria Garcia de la Banda, Enrico Pontelli (eds.), Springer
24th International Conference (ICLP 2008), Udine, Italy, 9-13 December 2008. Proceedings
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