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    Dear Dr. Stefano Mariani,

    the reviews for your paper #7418, "ReSpecTX: Programming Interaction Made Easy" submitted to Computer Science and Information Systems have been completed, and based on them our decision is that to accept the paper conditioned on minor revisions detailed in the reviews. When revising the paper, please consider carefully the reviewer's comments appended below, and submit the revised version of the paper within the next month. Please note that the reviews may contain attachments which are not included in this message. To view them (if any), please log into our submission system (https://ojs.pmf.uns.ac.rs/index.php/comsis).

    Please consider also that your paper must satisfy the following requirements, stated in the original invitation regarding the Special Issue following IDC 2017:

      • Must have a new title and a new abstract
      • Original contribution must be extended with at least 40% significantly

    new content, distributed on all its sections: introduction, literature review and related work, results and discussions, conclusions.

      • Must explicitly reference the original paper -- in the text and in the

    references / bibliography

      • Can have an updated list of authors

    On the Open Journal System page of your submission, please upload the revised paper as a new "Author Version" (in the "Review" section). It is also MANDATORY to upload a supplementary file detailing the changes made in the new version (in the "Summary" section). After uploading, please make sure to use the OJS functionality of sending an e-mail notifying us of the upload.

    Finally, please find below our schedule, to be sure that your paper will be included in the June issue of ComSIS journal, as initially planned:

    • Submission of revised papers: 16th of April
    • Final notification: 10th of May (as initially planned)
    • Final papers due: 5th of June. (as initially planned)

    Best regards, Prof. Costin Badica University of Craiova costin.badica@software.ucv.ro -- ComSIS - Computer Science and Information Systems journal http://www.comsis.org/

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    Reviewer A:

    Please give a short description of the paper with emphasis on the main contribution.: Authors recognized in the lack of both suitable toolchains and libraries of reusable mechanisms the reason for the limited adoption of coordination languages within the industrial realm. Therefore, they propose ReSpecTX language, toolchain, and standard library for programming the coordination of distributed MASs. To underline its modularity and composability, some example modules are purposely selected and shown. Paper has merit and it is suitable to be published after a minor revision. Paper is well written, motivations are clear, organization is linear and proposal is technically sound. Good balance between theoretical and practical contributes, thus providing an appreciable readability. Background context is adequately reported and reported conclusions are significant. Future work is interesting as well.

    The paper is reporting advances in:: Application

    The paper presents:: Contribution to the state of the art

    If other selected, please specify it here:: 

    Is the paper of interest to ComSIS:: Perfect match

    Originality:: Good

    Presentation:: Good

    Abstract quality:: Excellent

    Technical correctness:: Excellent

    Are there errors regarding presented facts or logic:: No

    English:: Excellent

    Quality of references:: Good

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