• Stefano Mariani
    Stefano Mariani, 20/06/2013 13:17

    Review 1 ========

    Evaluation of the contribution

    Overall Recommendation: 06 - Lean towards acceptance (borderline quality)

    Comments for the authors

    The paper is well written and interesting. But there are several important issues, which have been omitted in the paper. Issue 1: there is no clear information what is a goal /helpfulness of ReSpecT language utilization? Help in modelling - but there are Petri Nets, which could be the helpful in the same way (with the same level of complexity). Issue 2: scalability. In the case of a real MAS with hundreds / thousands of agents - how this language can help developers?


    Review 2 ========

    Evaluation of the contribution

    Overall Recommendation: 08 - Probably accept (good quality)

    Comments for the authors

    The authors discuss the role of event-driven programming for MAS coordination. In the paper the authors expand on their previous work to demonstrate the importance of event-driven modeling for MAS. Paper is organised and concepts are appropriately presented. Proper background on the topic is provided, that is elaborated to present the event-driven model for MAS with ReSpecT and finally the discussion is concluded by providing an appropriate example. On the whole paper presents an interesting discussion. 

    Although, following issues need to be addressed to increase the readability of the paper. 

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