Specification and Analysis of System Architecture Using Rapide

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David C. Luckham, John J. Kenney, Larry M. Augustin, James Vera, Doug Bryan, Walter Mann

Rapide is an event-based, concurrent, object-oriented language specifically designed for prototyping system architectures. Two principle design goals are: (1) to provide constructs for defining executable prototypes of architectures and (2) to adopt an execution model in which the concurrency, synchronization, dataflow, and timing properties of a prototype are explicitly represented. This paper describes the partially ordered event set (poset) execution model and outlines with examples some of the event-based features for defining communication architectures and relationships between architectures. Various features of Rapide are illustrated by excerpts from a prototype of the X/Open distributed transaction processing reference architecture.

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 21(4), pages 336-354, April 1995, IEEE Computer Society
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