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5 >Architecture
6 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.WebHome{{/code}} — the [[“Publications” space>>Publications.WebHome]] contains all the “Publication” objects and every page required to handle them
7 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.PublicationClass{{/code}} — this page contains the class of the “Publication” objects
8 ** [[edit>>$doc||queryString='xpage=editclass']] — editing the class allows for inspecting, adding, and modifying the class properties
9 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.Fields{{/code}} — the [[List of Fields>>Publications.Fields]] page contains the name, type, and description of each field (property) of the “Publication” class
10 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.PublicationTemplate{{/code}} — new “Publication” objects are generated as copies of the “Publication“ [[class template>>Publications.PublicationTemplate]] page
11 ** //(obsolete)// old “Publication” objects were generated as copies of the obsolete “Publication” [[class template>>Publications.PublicationClassTemplate]] page
12 ** old “Publication” objects can be easily transformed into standard ones by simply changing their syntax from XWiki 1.0 to XWiki 2.1
13 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.PublicationSheet{{/code}} — “Publication” objects are automatically displayed using the “Publication” [[class sheet>>Publications.PublicationSheet]] page
14 ** //(obsolete)// old “Publication” objects are still rendered using the obsolete Publication [[class sheet>>Publications.PublicationClassSheet]]
15 ** once upgraded to standard “Publication” objects, previously-old objects are rendered by the standard class sheet automatically
16 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Macros.Publications{{/code}} — global XWiki macros for the “Publications” space are collected in the [[Publication Macros>>Macros.Publications]] page
17 ** {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.MacroSheet{{/code}} — //obsolete// Velocity macros for handling “Publication” objects are collected in the (old) [[Publications Macros>>Publications.MacroSheet]] page
18 * {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.Environment{{/code}} — Velocity environment constants and variables for the “Publications” space are collected in the [[Publication Environment>>Publications.Environment]] page
19 ** {{code language='xwiki'}}Publications.GlobalVars{{/code}} — //(obsolete)// global Velocity variables for the “Publications” space are collected in the [[Publications Global Variables>>Publications.GlobalVars]] page
20 #end
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