Social Coordination: Principles, Artefacts and Theories (SOCIAL.PATH)

Harko Verhagen, Pablo Noriega, Tina Balke, Marina de Vos (eds.)

The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour, AISB Convention 2013, University of Exeter, UK
3-5 March 2013

This volume forms the proceedings of one of eight co-located symposia held at the AISB Convention 2013 that took place 3rd-5th April 2013 at the University of Exeter, UK. The convention consisted of these symposia together in four parallel tracks with five plenary talks; all papers other than the plenaries were given as talks within the symposia. This symposium-based format, which has been the standard for AISB conventions for many years, encourages collabora- tion and discussion among a wide variety of disciplines. Although each symposium is self contained, the convention as a whole represents a diverse array of topics from philosophy, psychology, computer science and cognitive science under the common umbrella of artificial intelligence and the simulation of behaviour.
We would like to thank the symposium organisers and their programme committees for their hard work in publicising their symposium, attracting and reviewing submissions and compiling this volume. Without these interesting, high quality symposia the convention would not be possible.
Dr Ed Keedwell & Prof. Richard Everson AISB 2013 Convention Chairs


  • Social Coordination: Principles, Artifacts and Theories. Symposium at the AISB Annual Convention 2013 (SOCIAL:PATH @ AISB 2013) — 03/04/2013–05/04/2013


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Harko Verhagen, Pablo Noriega, Tina Balke, Marina de Vos

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edited volume

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3-5 March 2013

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AISB Convention 2013, University of Exeter, UK


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