Colette Rolland

The paper proposes a faceted framework to understand and classify issues in system development process engineering. The framework identifies four different but complementary view-points. Each view allows us to capture a particular aspect of process engineering. Inter-relationships between these aspects allow us to show the influence that one aspect has on another. In order to study, understand and classify a particular aspect of process engineering in its diversity we associate a set of facets with each aspect. The paper uses the framework to reuse questions, problems and research issues in the field.

Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1413, pages 1-24, 1998.
Barbara Pernici, Costantino Thanos (eds.), Springer
10th International Conference CAiSE'98, Pisa, Italy, June 8-12, 1998, Proceedings
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A Comprehensive View of Process Engineering

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Colette Rolland

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Barbara Pernici, Costantino Thanos

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