Alessandra Di Pierro, Chris Hankin, Herbert Wiklicky

We introduce a probabilistic extension of KLAIM, where the behaviour of networks and individual nodes is determined by a probabilistic scheduler for processes and probabilistic allocation environments which describe the logical neighbourhood of each node. The resulting language has two variants which are modelled respectively as discrete and continuous time Markov processes. We suggest that Poisson processes are a natural probabilistic model for the coordination of discrete processes asynchronously communicating in continuous time and we use them to define the operational semantics of the continuous time variant. This framework allows for the implementation of networks with independent clocks on each site.

Coordination Models and Languages, LNCS 2949, pages 119-134, 2004.
Rocco De Nicola, Gian-Luigi Ferrari, Greg Meredith (eds.), Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
6th International Conference (COORDINATION 2004), 24-27 February 2004, Pisa, Italy
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Probabilistic KLAIM

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Alessandra Di Pierro, Chris Hankin, Herbert Wiklicky

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Rocco De Nicola, Gian-Luigi Ferrari, Greg Meredith

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