• Andrea Omicini
    Andrea Omicini, 20/03/2019 14:59

    Dear Andrea Omicini, 

    We are pleased to inform you that your paper 8: “Smart Contracts are more than Objects: Pro-activeness on the Blockchain” has been accepted, subject to certain specified amendments being satisfactorily completed, in the BLOCKCHAIN 2019 main track and will be included in the proceedings published by Springer AISC. 

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    • TITLE: Blockchain and Applications, International Congress
    • EDITORS: Javier Prieto, Ashok Kumar Das, Stefano Ferretti, Antonio Pinto, Juan Manuel Corchado 

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    Best Regards BLOCKCHAIN’19 Committee

     REVIEW 1 

    PAPER: 8 TITLE: Smart Contracts are more than Objects: Pro-activeness on the Blockchain AUTHORS: Giovanni Ciatto, Alfredo Maffi, Stefano Mariani and Andrea Omicini

    Overall evaluation: 0 (borderline paper)

     Overall evaluation 

    This paper has the following strengths

    1. points concerning smart contracts: pro-activeness, time, and synchronization issues,

    2. initial elements of formalisation, though these elements are not set into proper definitions and `axiomatised' 

    and weaknesses

    1. the paper is not clear about the implementation status of the PoC. It has no proper evaluation, no proven properties, no complexity results, no experimental evaluation. In particular, users of TuProlog (the Prolog engine used in the paper) have reported it being extremely slow, as confirmed by the evaluations

    2. the formalisation is pretty unclear

    Overall, the claims in the paper are difficult to verify by the reader. 

    Finally, the claim that smart contracts can "replace real-world contracts" is not correct as in many jurisdictions smart contracts are not considered legally enforceable documents that can stand in a court of law.

     REVIEW 2 

    PAPER: 8 TITLE: Smart Contracts are more than Objects: Pro-activeness on the Blockchain AUTHORS: Giovanni Ciatto, Alfredo Maffi, Stefano Mariani and Andrea Omicini

    Overall evaluation: 1 (weak accept)

     Overall evaluation 

    The paper provides a brief analysis of the current focus applied for the most common implementations of smart contracts and some limitations associated to these approaches. The authors provide an interesting solution to address these problems by implementing its own BCT platform, language and consensus engine, able to overcome the problems pointed. The paper is well structured, and the explanations are clear and concise. The use of the language is proper and clear. There are enough references and they are properly related to the paper subject.

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