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Giuseppe Pisano, Roberta Calegari, Andrea Omicini, Giovanni Sartor
Burden of persuasion: a meta-argumentation approach
(submitted)  Journal of Applied Logics
Matteo Magnini, Giovanni Ciatto, Furkan Canturk, Rehyan Aydogan, Andrea Omicini
Symbolic Knowledge Extraction for Explainable Nutritional Recommenders
(submitted)  Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2022
Marco Picone, Angelo Croatti, Stefano Mariani, Sara Montagna, Alessandro Ricci
Event-Driven Digital Twins
(submitted)  IEEE Software, 2021
Giovanni Ciatto, Federico Sabbatini, Andrea Agiollo, Matteo Magnini, Andrea Omicini
Symbolic Knowledge Extraction and Injection with Sub-symbolic Predictors: a Systematic Literature Review
(submitted)  ACM Computing Surveys
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