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Articles in Journal
Robin Milner
Elements of Interaction: Turing Award Lecture
Communications of the ACM 36(1), January 1993
Farhad Arbab, Ivan Herman, Per Spilling
An Overview of Manifold and its Implementation
Concurrency: Practice and Experience 5(1), February 1993
Yoav Shoham
Agent-Oriented Programming
Artificial Intelligence 60(1), March 1993
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Papers in Proceedings
Cristiano Castelfranchi, Amedeo Cesta, Rosaria Conte, Maria Miceli
Foundations for Interaction: The Dependence Theory
Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 728, 1993
Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini, Francesco Zanichelli
Exploiting Logic Programming in Robot Applications
8th Italian Conference on Logic Programming (GULP'93), 15-18 June 1993
Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Objects with State in CSM
2nd Compulog Network Area Meeting on Programming Languages joint with Workshop on Logic Languages, 6-7 May 1993
Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Objects with State in Contextual Logic Programming
Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 714, 1993
Enrico Denti, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello, Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Techniques for Implementing Contexts in Logic Programming
ELP'92. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 660, 1993
Enrico Denti, Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
From Modules to Structured Theories and Logic Objects: A Common “Program-based” Run-time Support
ICLP'93 Post-Conference Workshop on Practical Implementations and Systems Experience in Logic Programming, 25 June 1993
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Book Chapters
Gordon W. Hewes
A History of Speculation on the Relation between Tools and Languages
Tools, Language and Cognition in Human Evolution, 1993
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Stuart A. Kauffman
The Origins of Order: Self-organization and Selection in Evolution
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Edited Volumes
Kathleen R. Gibson, Tim Ingold (eds.)
Tools, Language and Cognition in Human Evolution
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Technical Reports
Enrico Denti, Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Verso un Ambiente di Sviluppo per Sistemi in Tempo Reale
CNR Technical Report, March 1993
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