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Papers in Proceedings  /  1992

Enrico Denti, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello, Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Implementing Contexts in Logic Programming
ELP'92, 26-28 February 1992
Enrico Denti, Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Contexts as First-Class Objects: An Implementation based on the SICStus Prolog System
7th Italian Conference on Logic Programming (GULP'92), 17-19 June 1992
Robin Milner, Davide Sangiorgi
Barbed Bisimulation
Automata, Languages and Programming. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 623, 1992
Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini
Objects as Evolving Contexts
COMPULOG NET Area Meeting '92, 6-7 April 1992
Paolo Ciancarini
Parallel Logic Programming using the Linda Model of Computation
Research Directions in High-Level Parallel Programming Languages. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 574, 1992
Anand S. Rao, Michael P. Georgeff
An Abstract Architecture for Rational Agents
3rd International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR '92), 25-29 October 1992
(6 papers in proceedings in 1992)


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