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Rob J. Vanglabbeek, Scott A. Smolka, Bernhard Steffen
Reactive, Generative, and Stratified Models of Probabilistic Processes
Information and Computation 121(1), 1995
Marco Bernardo, Nadia Busi, Roberto Gorrieri
A distributed semantics for EMPA based on stochastic contextual nets
The Computer Journal 38(7), 1995
Philip E. Agre
Computational Research on Interaction and Agency
Artificial Intelligence 72(1-2), January 1995
David C. Luckham, John J. Kenney, Larry M. Augustin, James Vera, Doug Bryan, Walter Mann
Specification and Analysis of System Architecture Using Rapide
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 21(4), April 1995
Michael J. Wooldridge, Nicholas R. Jennings
Intelligent Agents: Theory and Practice
Knowledge Engineering Review 10(2), June 1995
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