Complementing Agents with Cognitive Services: A Case Study in Healthcare

Sara Montagna, Stefano Mariani, Emiliano Gamberini, Alessandro Ricci, Franco Zambonelli

Journal of Medical Systems 44, pages 1–10, 10 pages, article 188, September 2020

Personal Agents (PAs) have longly been explored as assistants to support users in their daily activities. Surprisingly, few works refer to the adoption of PAs in the healthcare domain, where they can assist physicians’ activities reducing medical errors. Although literature proposes different approaches for modelling and engineering PAs, none of them discusses how they can be integrated with cognitive services in order to empower their reasoning capabilities. In this paper we present an integration model, specifically devised for healthcare applications, that enhances Belief-Desire-Intention agents reasoning with advanced cognitive capabilities. As a case study, we adopt this integrated model in the critical care path of trauma resuscitation, stepping forward to the vision of Smart Hospitals.

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  • 1st International Workshop on Healthcare Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems (HIMAS 2020) — 09/05/2020–10/05/2020

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