Antonio Natali, Ambra Molesini

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 64, pages 69-80, April 2010
Academic Science Research
International Conference on Software Engineering and Technology (ICSET 2010), 28-30 April 2010, Rome, Italy. Proceedings

In modern distributed software system, the issue of communication among composing parts represents a critical point, but the idea of extending conventional programming languages with general purpose communication constructs seems difficult to realize. As a consequence, there is a (growing) gap between the abstraction level required by distributed applications and the concepts provided by platforms that enable communication.

In this work we intend to discuss how the Model Driven Software Development approach can be considered as a mature technology to generate in automatic way the schematic part of applications related to communication, by providing at the same time high level specialized languages useful in all the phases of software production. To achieve the goal, we introduce a stack of languages (meta-meta-models) in order to describe — at different levels of abstraction —  the collaborative behavior of generic entities in terms of communication actions related to a taxonomy of messages.

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Antonio Natali, Ambra Molesini

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World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

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April 2010


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