Increasing interactivity in Agent-based Advanced Pocket-Device Service Application

Sameh Abdel-Naby, Paolo Giorgini, Stefano Fante

Antonio Maña Gómez, Carsten Rudolph (eds.)
Developing ambient intelligence
Springer Berlin
February 2008

Independence, intelligence and interactiveness are making software agents strongly approach the development of advanced service applications for both, pocket and fixed computing devices. In this paper we present an interactions protocol that is used by intelligent agents op- erating in a dynamic environment. In particular, we focus our research on the situation where a multi-agent system is serving lightweight devices through advanced communication methods (e.g., Bluetooth). Like similar contributions, our interactions protocol provides agents with a monetary system and a mechanism for feedback calculation. The goal of our research was to accelerate efficient agents interactions while resolving end-user composite tasks.


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Sameh Abdel-Naby, Paolo Giorgini, Stefano Fante

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Antonio Maña Gómez, Carsten Rudolph

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paper in proceedings

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February 2008

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Developing ambient intelligence


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Proceedings of the second International Conference on Ambient Intelligence developments (AmI.d '07), Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera, 17-19 September 2007

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