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    Andrea Omicini, 29/12/2017 15:40

    Dear Author(s), 

    We have received the review reports for your paper "Logic Programming as a Service in Multi-Agent Systems for the Internet of Things". 

    We require now that you implement in your submission the following recommendations MINOR REVISION made by the reviewers: 

    Reviewer A Comments: ================== Suggestions which would improve the quality of the paper but are not essential for publication: The author(s) presented an architecture based on Logic Programming (as a Service) in Multi-Agent Systems for applications in the scenario of Internet of Things. The paper is very well written and the author(s) spent a lot of efforts for explaining all the details. Relevant work is cited as well as the reasons behind most implementation choices. To give the reader the feeling of the impact of her/his/their work, author(s) reported on their implementations of two application scenarios close to everyone's life: Smart bathroom and Smart Kitchen. The former is based on the RESTful web services; the latter on the MAS architecture. I suggest the acceptation of the paper with only a couple of minor comments/requirements listed below. I believe that this paper is not only an important contribution but that it is written with the correct timing and if published soon (imho) it will receive a lot of citations. 

    PAG 3 

    • Do you mean any clause or just facts can be asserted and retracted? In the first case, can you add an example of rule with temporary scope? 
    • consider to rename "setTheory" as "setTheTheory" or "setCurrentTheory" 

    (otherwise it sounds like "Set Theory" that is a bit misleading here) 

    PAG 5  Please say something about the HW employed. I mean, it seems that you don't want to use MAC/i OS apps. Are there any reasons? For Win10 are you using the Ubuntu sub system? PAG 7 

    • "for the average IoT scenario," Athough I might imagine what you mean, please try to use a more precise definition. 
    • You refer to "traditional LP" the systems based on SLD resolution. 

    For KR purposes bottom-up approaches (based on the stable model semantics) have been successfully proposed. Yet, multi agent reasoning in this area has been also exploited (eg for planning with action languages). Please add a sentence on these approaches - e.g. refer to 

    • Tran Cao Son 

    Answer Set Programming and Its Applications in Planning and Multi-agent Systems. LPNMR 2017: 23-35 

    • A. Dovier, A. Formisano, and E. Pontelli. 

    Autonomous Agents Coordination: Action Languages meet CLP(FD) and Linda. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 13(2):149-173. 

    • A. Dovier, A. Formisano, and E. Pontelli. 

    An investigation of Multi-Agent Planning in CLP. Fundamenta Informaticae 105(1-2): 79-103, 2010. 

    Reviewer B Comments: ================== Suggestions which would improve the quality of the paper but are not essential for publication: The authors define the Logic Programming as a Service (LPaaS) as the natural evolution of distributed logic programming within the IoT context, aiming at tackling its increasingly complex demand for distributed situated intelligence. Work is valuable and ready to be accepted if a couple of issues as well as some minors will be addressed. Motivations, application scenarios and approach are well presented, proposal is scientifically and technically sound, references are adequate. Overall style is good, with few minors (listed below) to be fixed. The difference with respect to authors previous work has been clearly elicited. Changes which must be made before publication: Authors specify that “all the data collected by sensors are simulated”: however, it is not clear how the Raspberry Pi (i.e., which kind of sensors) may realize the Toilet Server consisting in “analysing biological products”. Hence, authors should better clarify this point. Uniform reference style (e.g., see ASD17 and CDMO17). Cite the following work < Fortino, Giancarlo, et al. "Modeling and Simulating Internet-of-Things Systems: A Hybrid Agent-Oriented Approach." Computing in Science & Engineering 19.5 (2017): 68-76.> that reports the SO model of Fig.6. Table II title should be simply “LPaaS Client Interface” and the other contents moved as caption below the table itself. When discussing about MAS in IoT (specifically, “MAS emerges as a natural approach to develop IoT systems”) add the following reference < Savaglio, Claudio, et al. "Agent-Based Computing in the Internet of Things: A Survey." International Symposium on Intelligent and Distributed Computing. Springer, Cham, 2017.>. Minors: Please edit “e.g.” in “e.g.,” and “i.e.” in “i.e.,” (multiple occurrences) for the sake of uniformity. Please edit “…” in “etc.” (multiple occurrences) Typos in “ straigthforward" Avoid recurrent usage of “so as to” 

    NOTE: Please send an email to the editor to acknowledge the reception of this email notification. The editor needs to make sure that messages reach the authors and don't delay the review process.

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    1) To help the reviewer(s) verify that you have made the required corrections, please append a point-by-point report detailing how the changes have been made in line with each reviewer's comments at the beginning of your revised manuscript. 

    2) Responses to reviewers' comments and the revised manuscript must go together in the same single MS Word or PDF file, without revealing authors' identifications. 

    3) Append figures, images and tables at the end of your revised manuscript. 

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    6) We advise you to use MS Word to edit your submission and make sure that the revisions within the document are presented as "tracked changes" so they would be more easily seen by the editor and the reviewers. It is preferable that you upload your revised manuscript using a MS Word file. If you use LaTeX, please mark your changes as text in colour and provide a PDF file of your article and the response to the reviewers. 

    If you have problems uploading the file with your revised manuscript please contact submissions@inderscience.com indicating the submission ID of your article. 

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    NOTE: In general we expect to receive your revised manuscript within three months or by the revision deadline established by the editor. Please contact the editor if you will take more than three months to resubmit your revised manuscript. 

    Your prompt attention is much appreciated.

    Dr. Fatos Xhafa Int. J. of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC) submissions@inderscience.com

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