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    Dear Dr. Calegari,

    We are pleased to inform you that the following paper has been officially accepted for publication:

    Manuscript ID: BDCC-336300 Type of manuscript: Article Title: LPaaS as Micro-intelligence: Enhancing IoT with Symbolic Reasoning Authors: Roberta Calegari *, Giovanni Ciatto *, Stefano Mariani *, Enrico Denti *, Andrea Omicini * Received: 15 July 2018 E-mails: roberta.calegari@unibo.it, giovanni.ciatto@unibo.it, stefano.mariani@unimore.it, enrico.denti@unibo.it, andrea.omicini@unibo.it


    We will now make the final preparations for publication, then return the manuscript to you for your approval.

    We also invite you to contribute to Encyclopedia (https://encyclopedia.pub), a scholarly platform providing accurate information about the latest research results. You can adapt parts of your paper to provide valuable reference information for others in the field.

    Kind regards, Ms. Charlotte Dong Assistant Editor E-Mail: charlotte.dong@mdpi.com

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