On the Expressive Power of KLAIM-based Calculi

Rocco De Nicola, Daniele Gorla, Rosario Pugliese

Theoretical Computer Science 356(3), pp. 387-421, maggio 2006

We study the expressive power of variants of KLAIM, an experimental language with programming primitives for network-aware programming that combines the process algebra approach with the coordination-oriented one. KLAIM has proved to be suitable for programming a wide range of distributed applications with agents and code mobility, and has been implemented on the top of a runtime system written in Java. In this paper, the expressivity of its constructs is tested by distilling from it a few, more and more foundational, languages and by studying the encoding of each of them into a simpler one. The expressive power of the considered calculi is finally tested by comparing one of them with asynchronous pi-calculus.

(keywords) Bisimulation
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