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Journal & Series Index

The following page indexes publications in the APICe space by journal & series. Currently, the APICe space contains 691 items published on 254 journals and series.

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3 [top]
37th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2017) Speaking Objects ICDCS2017
6 [top]
6th Joint Meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, ESEC/FSE 2007 Ctg Sigsoft2007
A [top]
AAMAS '19 Field Calculus AAMAS2019 | vitaliseaamas2019
AAMAS '20 agentbasedxai Aamas2020
ACM Computing Surveys Ciancarini Acmcs28 | Coordination Malone94 | Milojicic Acm Cs32 | Parallellinda Acmsurvey21 | Viana Acmsurvey43
ACM International Conference Proceeding Java Sec Pppj08 | Simpa Pppj07
ACM Queue Gong Queue2011
ACM SIGPLAN Notices Generics Oopsla2000 | Polymorphism Ooplsa2007
ACM SIGPLAN OOPS Messenger Ooparadigm Oopsmess1
ACM Trans. Auton. Adapt. Syst. Special Issue TAAS2014
ACM Transaction on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems TAAS2017
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering Methodologies Tota Tosem18
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems Fragmentsos Taas2011 | Intro Taas2 | Spatial Taas11 | Stigmergy Taas06
ACM Transactions on Computational Logic Field Calculus TOCL2019
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems Grimm Pervasive04
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology Gavanelli Tist2
ACM Transactions on Internet Technology Rest Toit2
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software Clientsideoptimisation Toms45
ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation TOMACS2018
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems Generics Toplas28 | Linda Toplas7 | Sharedprolog Toplas13
ACM Transactions on Software Engeneering Methodologies Gaia Tosem2003
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology Lime Tosem15
ACM Transactions on the Web Montali Choreographies09
AGERE 2016 Croatti Agere16
AGERE! '12 Simpal Agere12
AI & Society Mirrorworlds Aisociety2017
AI* IA 2011: Artificial Intelligence Around Man and Beyond Mercurio AIIA11
AI*IA Notizie Acc Aiia01 | Acc Aiia2003 | Ed Phd Thesis Abstract | Obs Aiia2001 | Tucson Aiia2001
ALP Newsletter 2PAlpnews2013 | 2p Alp News2016 | Tuprolog Alpnews20
AMS Acta Weblp Techrep08
Advances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics (ACIR) Abminmsb Mabsbioenvbook2017
Advances in Computers Coord Advincomp46
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Proactivesc Blockchain2019
AgentLink News Coord Agentlink99
AgentLink Newsletter Agent Link2Tech Forum-Aln17
American Journal of Sociology Granovetter Ajs78
American Physical Society News Stanley Apsnews17
Annals of DAAAM and Proceedings of DAAAM International Symposium Semanticweb Daaam2009
Annals of Mathemathics and Artificial Intelligence Masmodelchecking Amai51
Annals of Operation Research Ants Aor75
Annals of Software Engineering Proc Met02
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing Overview Aaecc16 | Rbacmas Aaecc16
Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal Acc Aai20 | Barbosa Aai15 | Bromuri Aai26 | Cabri Aai15 | Coord Aai18 | Coordai Aai15 | Minsky Aai15 | Monfroy Aai15 | Observation Aai16 | Rbacmas Aai21 | Tools Aai16
Applied Cognitive Psychology Blanzieri Acp17
Applied Computing Review Ehealth Acr11
Applied Logic Series Aclt Frocos1996
Applied Sciences Maseditorial Appsci9
Artificial Intelligence Agre Ai72 | Aop Ai60 | Brooks Ai47 | Castelfranchi IA103 | Jennings Ai117
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine PMDAartmed2018
Artificial Intelligence: Foundations, Theory, and Algorithms Mok Book Springer2016
Artificial Life Stigmergy Artificiallife5 | Stigmergyhistory Artificiallife5
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Aose Jaamas9 | Artifacts Jaamas17 | Blanzieri Jaamas24 | Bordini Jaamas12 | Cartago Jaamas23 | Editorial Jaamas17 | Env Jaamas14 | Envinfra Jaamas14 | Envmech Jaamas14 | Gaia Jaamas3 | Luce Jaamas4 | Tucson Jaamas2
B [top]
BMC Bioinformatics GOTA
Big Data and Cognitive Computing Lpaas Bdcc2
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights Cardenas BBI2016
Biosystems Autopoiesis Biosystems5
Birth Defects Research (Part C) ABMmorpho Embryo08
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science Autopoiesis Book1980
Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science coalg Coind97
C [top]
CEEMAS '07 Schumacher CEEMAS2007
CEUR Workshop Distr Intace Serafini05
CEUR Workshop Proceedings Abmmorpho Woa2010 | Blockchainlp Woa2018 | Casaredpdf2010 | Collectivesort Eumas06 | Collectivesort Woa06 | Coordination Woa2015 | Coordination Woa2017 | Cossentinodpdf2010 | Eclipse2p Ceur436 | Elearningkc08 | Esparciadpdf2010 | Eventsituatedmas Pnse2013 | Gamemas Woa2016 | Garciadpdf2010 | Gonzalesdpdf2010 | Io TWoa2017 | Iot Woa2017 | Label2p Cilc016 | Labelled2p Dcaiia2015 | Leonardidpdf2010 | Lpaas Woa2016 | Mabs Woa2011 | Met Caise07 | Method Eumas06 | Mgdemo Woa2006 | Mhealthselfman Woa2016 | Minority Game Woa06 | Mo KParam Eng Woa2013 | Mok Dcaiia2012 | Multicoord Woa2016 | Owls Eumas06 | Pianini Woa2011 | Preface Aiiot2019 | Sapere Woa2011 | Simpaws Woa06 | Soda Woa2010 | Sosc Woa2010 | Spacetimelp Woa2018 | Spatial Woa2013 | Standard Dpdf2010 | Tropos Istar08 | Tucson Woa2014 | Uniform Woa2013 | Weblp Ceur487 | Xailp Woa2019 | Xmas Aiiot2019 | fluidwareaxia2019
CNR Technical Report DNOReal Time Survey93
CNR-ISTI Stoklaim Techrep2006
Cambridge Series On Human-Computer Interaction Norman91Cognitiveartifacts
Collana CNR/PF "Sistemi Informatici e Calcolo Parallelo" (1418) Lpse Cnr95
Commun. ACM Cusumano CACM201112 | Geller CACM2011 | Greengard CACM201110 | Hyman CACM201112 | Kamp CACM1111 | Kroeker CACM201110 | Nikhil CACM201110 | Shmatikov CACM201112
Communication of the ACM Methodengineering Cacm46
Communications & Strategies Web20Oreilly2007
Communications in Computer and Information Science Aose Ccis67 | Artifacts Calculus SDT2011 | Bctcoord Bct4mas2019 | Field Calculus FOCLASA2013 | domeniconi CCIS2015 | pasolini CCIS2015 | tfidf_variant_chapter_2016
Communications of the ACM Amorphouscomputing Cacm43 | Cohen CACM2011 | Davis CACM201111 | Gustavsson Cacm42 | Interaction Cacm40 | Jennings Cacm44 | Kroeker Cacm54 | Lamport Acmcomm21 | Lanier CACM201112 | Linda Cacm32 | Linda Cacm35 | Milner Cacm36 | Nic Cacm49 | OSullivan Queue2009 | Stochastic Self Adaptation CACM55 | Turingmachines Cacm46 | amorphous00
Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling Pedestrian Casm1
Comput Methods and Programs in Biomedicine crossorganism CMPB2016
Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems Biosimulation Mabsbook09 | Simulationformal Massimulationbook09
Computational Economics Selfogcoord Compecon18
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory Trust Cmot2013
Computer Computer2015 | Kukkaniemi Computer2011 | Superorganisms Computer45
Computer Modeling and Simulation, 2009. EMS '09. Third UKSim European Symposium on Williamson IJSSST2010
Computer Science and Information Systems Respectx Comsis15 | Workflow Iadisisa07
Computer and Information Science Series De Castro2006Natural Computing
Computing Now Agents Ieeecn6
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Coordination Ccpe18
Concurrency: Practice and Experience Manifold Cpe5
Consorzio Nettuno Cal Elet III
Cybernetics and Systems Crowdmodeling Cybsys38
D [top]
Decisions in Economis and Finance PD2001algorithm
E [top]
ECSA '19 Field Calculus App BDVA2019
EMBnet.journal Cardenas BTSSOCmodel
ERCIM News Contucci Ercimnews73 | Contucci Ercimnews78
Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal Cincotti Economics201026 | Raberto Economics201131
Eighth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems Workshops, SASOW 2014 Mok Focas2014
Electrical and Computer Engineering Join Sepads08
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Acc Entcs85 | Actinpolymerisation Entcs229 | Agensfaber Entcs150 | Bravetti Entcs124 | Bravetti Entcs194-2 | CDRVEntcs2006 | Ciocchetta FBTC2008 | Collectivesort Entcs175 | Coord Entcs68 | Framework Foclasa06 | Intro ENTCS154 | Intro ENTCS175 | Intro ENTCS194 | Linearembedding Entcs158 | Logop Entcs97 | Preface Entcs48 | Rbac Entcs128 | Respect Entcs175 | Respect Entcs180 | Respect Entcs194 | Respect Entcs48 | Rhogtpmodel Entcs08 | Simpa Entcs194 | Zavattaro Entcs16 | coind Agents99
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science Aggregate Computing Forecast2016 | Blackboard Foclasa2012
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, EPTCS Aggregate Alp4IOT2018
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Coordarch Eaai41 | Editorial Eaai24 | Process2005
Expert Systems Spatialtuples Exsys35
F [top]
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications Argue Tuprolog Comma06 | Defeasiblelegalreasoning Jurix2019 | Schmidt Cscw2000
Fundamamenta Informaticae cost Calc05
Fundamenta Informaticae Coord Fundamentainformaticae73 | Labelledlp Fundamentainformatica161
Future Generation Computer Systems opportunistic Aggregate2018
H [top]
Harvester Studies in Cognitive Science Mc Carthy Ascribingmental1979
Health Informatics Journal montagnahij2019
History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences Bio Autonomybook2014
Human-Computer Interaction Context Aware Comp01
I [top]
IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems Workflow Iadiscsis3
IBM Systems Journal TSpaces1998
IEEE Computer Adaptivesw Computer37 | Autonomiccomputing Computer36 | Lindafriends Computer19
IEEE Distributed Systems Online Adaptivemas Ieeedsonline5
IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin Nic Ieee Iib18
IEEE Intelligent Systems Ieee Isb02 | Nic Ieeeis19
IEEE Internet Computing Dustdar2011Elastic Principles | Dustdar2011SCU | Dustdar2012Elasticity Directives | Mars Ic4
IEEE Software Proc Met00 | Seidea Ieeesoftware26
IEEE Transaction on Software Engineering Klaim Tse24
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing Coordstsintro Tetc4
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Egospaces Tse32 | Fuggetta Tse24 | Kwon TSE2011 | Rapide Tse21 | Tran Se01 | Tran Se98 | Tran Se99
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Montagna Tccb2020
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing Software Evaluation Oss07
IJCAI Fuzzy DL91
ISRN Software Engineering Natureinspiredcoord Isrnse2013
Inf. Syst. Met Eng99
Informatica Artifacts Informatica29 | Intro Informatica29 | Intro Informatica30
Information Bctcoordination Information11 | Logictech Information11
Information & Software Technology Met Eng96
Information Sciences Aggregate Inf Sci2019 | Ecoservices Ins180
Information and Computation Lindacoord Inco156 | Mobilecalculus IIIc100 | Mobilecalculus IIc100 | Picalculus2Ic100 | Picalculus Ic100 | Probabilisticprocesses Inco121 | bisim Markov02
Insectes Sociaux Stigmergy Grasse59
Int. J. Found. Comput. Sci. Brijder Jo Fo CS2011
Intelligenza Artificiale Logic Ia III | Mas Ia III | Massurvey Ia7 | Weblp Ia5
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing Contextaware Ijahuc2
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Eventmas Ijaose4 | IJAOSE2017 | Meta Ijaose07 | Passim Ijaose08 | Selforg Ijaose2 | Simulation Ijaose2 | Soda Ijaose4
International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence Bic Ijaci2
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Argumentation Ijai S10
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems Coord Ijcis13 | Tucson Ijcis11
International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies (IJDST) Safe Ijdst17
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science Interactioinpicalculus Ijfcs24
International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing Lpaas Ijguc10
International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications Foster Grid01
International Journal of Integrated Care smconnecareijic2019
International Journal of Modern Physics B Contucci Ijmphys B22
International Journal of Next-Generation Computing Dustdar2012Vie COM
International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications Ecosystems Jpcc7
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Gaia Jseke11 | Gaia Jseke21
International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology Soamethodology Ijwet2
International Journal on Advances in Software Jaca Fcp11
International Series of Monographs on Physics Nishimori2001
International Workshop on Massively Multi-Agent Systems Speaking Objects MMAS2018
Internet Research Tucson Jir98
Internet Technology Letters Mayer2018
J [top]
Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics Lecca Jo IB2010
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research Di Noia JAIR2007
Journal of Computational Biology Dejong Generegnetmodel00
Journal of Computations & Modelling BTSSOCbio JCM2013
Journal of Functional Programming Polymorphism Jfp38
Journal of General Psychology Ashby Selforg1947
Journal of Internet of Things lmmz Siot2017
Journal of Knowledge Management Kieorg Jkm5
Journal of Logic Programming Bugliesi Jlp19
Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming Orchestration JLAP70 | Processalgebra Dataspace Jlap75
Journal of Logic and Computation Bdilogic Jlc8
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming Aggregate JLamp2019 | Coordination Jlamp113
Journal of Object Technology Generics JOT10 | Intro JOT6 | Objag Jot1
Journal of Philosophy Dennett Intentional Systems1971
Journal of Simulation Alchemist Jos2013 | Btssoc Jos7 | Ewald Jos1 | Simulationtutorial Jos4
Journal of Systems Architecture Selforgcs Jsa52
Journal of Systems Integration Coord Josi10
Journal of Systems and Software Aspect Jss83
Journal of Universal Computer Science Adaptation Jucs14 | Observation Jucs8
K [top]
Knowledge Engineering Review Wooldridge Intelligentagents
L [top]
LIA Series Aclt Techrep97 | DNO1997Aclt Impl
LNAI: State-of-the-Art Survey Lpmas Lnai6125
LNCS Bravetti Coordination2004 | Concoord Coord96 | Coordiationbehaviourlearning Robocup2002 | Distr DLBorgida02 | Env Aose III | Klaim Coord2010 | Mnif07LNCS4415 | Pervasivedesign Lncs3425 | Probabilistic Klaim Lncs2949 | Probabilisticlinda Lncs3657 | Spatial Coordination2012 | Swarm Lncs6234 | Triplespace Intellicom2004 | Trustmethodology Lncs3577 | Verifying DLTL04
Lecture Notes Computer Science RVPPROMAS09
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Aclt Aiia95 | Aclt Lnai1760 | Artifacts Argmas V | Artifacts Kramas I | Bic E4mas I | Coord Atal VI | Coord E4mas I | Ctx Elp III | Drr Esaw2003 | Himat Maamaw99 | Operating Instructions Ac III | PROMAS09LNAI | Preface Dalt VIII
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3apl Promas I | Abse Cia I | Acc Aiia2005 | Acc Esaw IV | Aclt Coord1996 | Actors Aggregate2018 | Aea Promas V | Agentorprogram Atal III | Aggregate Computing PRIMA2015 | Aggregate Computing SFM2016 | Ai Ifipbook2009 | Anzengruber Soc Info2013 | Aose Selmas04 | Artifacts Argmas IV | Artifacts Promas III | Artifacts Selmas IV | Aspect Ecsa07 | At Esaw III | Autonomoussc Paams2019 | Baop Dalt VIII | Bio Tcsb III | Biochemicaltuplespace Coord09 | Biometaheuristic AIx IA09 | Bison Insci2016 | Bordini04 | Bounded Verification06 | Cartago E4mas III | Casadei FOCLASA17trustedaggregate | Castelfranchi ILncs728 | Chemcoord Soarbook | Christoff CONCUR1990 | Cms Aose VIII | Cofield Esaw III | Cognitivestigmergy E4mas III | Computationalfields Forte2015 | Conghua Zhifeng10 | Coordination Aggregate Computing2018 | Coordination Gradients2017 | Coordination Processes2019 | Coordination Universality2018 | Coordmethodology Esaw III | Ctx Coord Esaw2000 | Digitalplatforms Digitaldemocracy2019 | Dmars Atal IV | Easy Living2000 | Ebsmabs E4mas10years | Ebsmas Coordination2015 | Edgeintelligenceguidelines Idcs2019 | Eoa Mates2009 | Expressiveness Coord99 | Field Calculus Share Coordination2019 | Forte HFC2019 | Furbach08 | Gaia Aose2005 | Gamma Lncs2235 | Gillespie Sfm08 | Gossiping Coordination2016 | Himat Coord99 | Home Manager Insci16 | Interactioncomplexity Iccci2013 | Interactiondesign Aose I | Jason Tutorial06 | Lgl Lncs924 | Lindalp Lncs574 | Luce Coord00 | Mabsde Mabs XVI | Mas Dalt I | Masup Aose VIII | Met Chunk01 | Met Chunk01b | Meta Aose08 | Meth Eng BHS05 | Microintelligencelp Mmas II | Mixedchoice Lncs2012 | Model Ver Lncs3476 | Mok Aiia2015 | Montagna-Serene2011 | Norms Coin I | Objsubj Coord02 | Objsubj Iia03 | Obs Coord02 | Oolp Ecoop94 | Oolp Plilp93 | Oversensing Mates2009 | Paradigm Esaw III | Passi Ceemas05 | Pattern Mining | Pme Coordination2013 | Preface Cia VII | Preface Dalt I | Preface Dalt II | Preface Digitaldemocracy2019 | Preface Esaw I | Preface Esaw II | Preface Esaw IV | Preface Esaw V | Preface Lncs10685 | Preface Prima2015 | Preface Selmas I | Preface Tcsb III | Priami Sfm08 | Proc Eng98 | Processengineering Aose X | Processequivalence Concur2003 | Prometheus Aose VIII | Rao Agentspeak96 | Respect Abcmi2013 | Respect Coord97 | Sapereaose Emas I | Schumacher Objcoord2001 | Self Organising Regions Coordination2019 | Selforg Ceemas07 | Selforg E4mas III | Selforg Esoa III | Simpa Lads07 | Situatedcoord Idcs2014 | Smo Concur90 | Soda Aose I | Soda Aose VI | Soda Ceemas05 | Soda Esaw IX | Soda Esaw VI | Soda Esaw VIII | Spatial Coordination2014 | Spem Aose08 | Stigmergy E4mas II | Swarmlinda Esaw IV | Swarmlinda Lncs4676 | Swarmlinda Lncs4725 | Techsurvey Coord2018 | Temp Ver Lncs6856 | Timed Coord05 | Timedlinda Lncs5474 | Torroni Lnai7132 | Traumatracker A2hc2017 | Traumatracker Aamas2017visionary | Tropos Aose VIII | Tucson Cia V | Tucson Coord00 | Tucson Hpcn00 | Tucsononcloud Ica3pp2013 | Tuprolog Padl01 | Uhrmacher Sfm08 | Unbounded Verification05 | Weblp Iclp08 | Wfms Coord06 | barbed Bisim92 | mblmzidcs2019speaking | pi Calculus Petri Lncs95 | sm Foclasa2018invited
Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering Biocore Bionetics2011
Logical Methods in Computer Science Aggregate Computing LMCS2015
M [top]
MC Microcomputer ED1988Mc Msx
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science Reo Mscs14
Media and Communications - Technologies, Policies and Challenges. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Collaborativelearning Nova2013
Mind in society the development of higher psychological processes. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press AT78
Mobile Networks and Applications Sapere MONET2012
Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems, Annual International Conference on Martin2006
Molecular Systems Biology Dibernardo Molecularsb07
Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organization Gaia Mseasbook | Onlineengineering Mseasbook
Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations 3apl Map05 | Cartago Promasbook II | Coord Mseasbook
Multiagent and Grid Systems Aose Mags5 | Cartagows Mags6
N [top]
Natural Computing Pattern Naco2012
Natural Computing Series sosnaturalcomputing2011
Nature Smallworldnetworks Nature393
Nature Biotechnology Alves CB2006 | Executablebio Nature07
New Generation Computing Logictuplespaces Ngc12 | Metaprogkr Ngc3
Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems Coorddynamicsselforg Npcs5
Nordic Journal of Computing Coord Njc99
P [top]
PLoS ONE Indurkhya PLo SONE2010
Per passione Russo Culturacomponibile
Pervasive and Mobile Computing Sapere Pmc10Years | Situationreview Pmc8 | Spacepervasive Pmc6
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences Spacetime Rsta373
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences Turing1952morphogenesis
Procedia Computer Science Saperref Procedia7
Proceedings of 10th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA 2009), Agent Contest. clima2010contest
Proceedings of Seventh international Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems (PROMAS-09) LP_PROMAS09
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Interactions between Computer Science and Biology (CS2Bio'10) Bionet Cs2bio10
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computational Systems-Biology and Bioinformatics (CsBio17) Snn Ta Csbio17
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Complexity Simon1962
Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society Turing1939
Progetto Leonardo ED1999did Fond A1 | ED2000did Fond A2 | ED2000did Intro OOP | ED2003OOPIntro | EDdid2000oop | Ing Soft08 | NMis09
Q [top]
Quaderno del Dipartimento di Matematica Dcaselp Tuprolog Cilc04
Quality & Quantity Contucci Qandq41
R [top]
Research in Engineering Design Cognitiveartifacts Red4
Routledge Studies in Global Competition Archibugi Innovationcrisis2011
S [top]
SCS M&S Magazine Uniform Mesmag2014
SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International MSbionet Simulation2015
SPLASH '11 Workshops simpal Agere11
Science of Computer Programming Acc Scp63 | Aosesimulation Scp78 | Chemicalts Scp78 | Collectivesort Scp74 | Gamma Scp15 | Generics Scp73 | Jacamo Scp78 | Orchestration Scp66 | Preface Scp66 | Preface Scp76 | Respect Scp41 | SCPAggregate Computing2016 | SCPGradients2018 | SCPSapere2015 | SCPTrust2018 | Semcoord Scp78 | Simpa Scp76 | Spatial Computing Scp78 | Tuprolog Scp57 | sm Foclasa Scico2019
Scientific Annals of Computer Science SACS2012
Sensors Sensors SI2019
Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International Abmchronicdisease Simtrans2017
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies DCKES2017
Software Process: Improvement and Practice Architecturecoordination Spip8
Software — Practice & Experience Luce Spe99
Springer Series in Agent Technology Fieldbasedcoord Mamei06
SpringerPlus EDNovel Scenarios2014
Stem Cells HSCmodel Stemcells2007
Studies in Computational Intelligence Ecoservices Idc08 | Mok Idc2012 | Natureinspcoord Idc2012 | Objsubj Idc VIII | Preface Complenet V | Respectx Idc2017 | Spatialtuples Idc2016
Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lprobot Scsai95
T [top]
The 2019 Conference on Artificial Life Braccini ALIFE2019
The Computer Journal Cardone TCJ2011 | Generics Comp J46 | empa Petri95
The Jini Technology Series Java Spaces1999
The Journal of Chemical Physics Slepoy JPC2008
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Stochasticsimulation Jphyschem81
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A Stochasticsimulation Jphyschema104
The Knowledge Engineering Review Activedocuments Ker17 | Artifacts Ker21 | Coord Ker17 | Environment Ker20 | Gaia Ker26 | Intro Ker20 | Intro Ker25Years | Promas Ker30 | Sapere Ker2016 | Selforgcoord Ker25years | Selforgmas Ker20 | Tssemanticweb Ker23 | Zambo Paradigm Ker18
The Monist Weg1998
The PracTeX Journal Mori Latexthesis08
Theoretical Computer Science Bravetti Tcs346 | Cham Tcs96 | Compro Tcs37 | Klaimcalculus Tcs356 | Klaimexpr Tcs356 | Linearlogic Tcs50 | proc Alg Linda98
Theory and Decision DP2003
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming Gavanelli Tlp10 | Lpaas Tplp18
Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology TISTMAS11
Tributes Envbasedcoordination Castelfranchi Festschrift2012
Twenty Second International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2011) IJCAI11
U [top]
UPGRADE Aose Upgrade V
UbiComp '16 Aggregatecomputing Vlsubicomp16
Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Journal Smartenv Ubicc CPE
Understanding Complex Systems Morpho Eng Book13
W [top]
Web Intelligence and Agent Systems Lights Wias5 | Semanticwebts Wias6 | Timed Wias5
Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web Pellet Websem5 | Webontologylang Websem1
WoT 2017 Croatti Wo T2017
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Mdsd Icset2010
World Journal of Computer Application and Technology EDUser Interaction Manifesto
World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics Mezard1986
jot Intro JOT3