Developing Web Client Applications with JaCa-Web

Mattia Minotti, Andrea Santi, Alessandro Ricci

In Proceedings of 11° Workshop nazionale "Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti" (WOA 2010)

We believe that agent-oriented programming languages and multi-agent programming technologies provide an effective level of abstraction for tackling the design and programming of mainstream software applications, in particular those that involve the management of asynchronous events and concurrency. In this paper we support this claim in practice by discussing the use of a platform integrating two main agent programming technologies - Jason agent programming language and CArtAgO environment programming framework - to the development of Web Client applications. Following the cloud computing perspective, these kinds of applications will more and more replace desktop applications, exploiting the Web infrastructure as a common distributed operating system, raising however challenges that are not effectively tackled - we argue - by mainstream programming paradigms, such as the objectoriented one.

(keywords) Agents, Artifacts, Jason, CArtAgO, Web, JaCa, JaCa-Web



  • 11º Workshop Nazionale “Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti” (WOA 2010) — 05/09/2010–07/09/2010



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In Proceedings of 11° Workshop nazionale "Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti" (WOA 2010)

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