Multi-agent Oriented Programming with JaCaMo

Olivier Boissier, Rafael H. Bordini, Jomi Hübner, Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Santi

Science of Computer Programming 78(6), pages 747-761
June 2013

This paper brings together agent-oriented programming, organisation-oriented programming and environment-oriented programming, all of which are programming paradigms that emerged out of research in the area of multi-agent systems. In putting together a programming model and concrete platform called JaCaMo which integrates important results and technologies in all those research directions, we show in this paper that with the combined paradigm, that we prefer to call multi-agent oriented programming, the full potential of multi-agent systems as a programming paradigm. JaCaMo builds upon three existing platforms: Jason for programming autonomous agents, Moise for programming agent organisations, and CArtAgO for programming shared environments. This paper also includes a simple example that illustrates the approach and discusses some real-world applications that have been or are being developed with JaCaMo.

(keywords) Multi-agent oriented programming; Autonomous agents; Shared environments; Agent organisations

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Olivier Boissier, Rafael H. Bordini, Jomi Hübner, Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Santi

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Giacomo Cabri, Maria Ganzha

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June 2013

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Science of Computer Programming

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Special section on Agent-oriented Design Methods and Programming Techniques for Distributed Computing in Dynamic and Complex Environments

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