Exploiting the Eclipse Ecosystem for Agent-Oriented Programming

Andrea Santi, Andrea Leardini, Antonio Natali, Alessandro Ricci

Proceedings of the 6th Workshop of the Italian Eclipse Community

In this paper we discuss fi rst explorations about exploiting the Eclipse framework in the context of agent-oriented programming, using an agent-oriented programming platform called JaCa. At first, we
discuss how the Eclipse framework can be naturally exploited for designing and developing a modular feature-rich agent-oriented IDE, to represent, manipulate, inspect JaCa programs directly in terms of such agentoriented abstractions de ned by the JaCa computation/programming model. Then, we extend the scope of the discussion by devising: (a) the opportunity of exploiting Eclipse for exploring a model-driven approach to agent-oriented programming and to the development of the agent-oriented programming languages and the platforms themselves; and (b) the opportunity of injecting agents into the Eclipse ecosystem, so as to enrich it with fi rst-class human-inspired abstractions to deal with the flexible organization of concurrent and distributed tasks, and their coordination.

(keywords) Eclipse, IDE, Agent-Oriented Programming
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