The Multidisciplinary Patterns of Interaction from Sciences to Computer Science

Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli

Interactive Computation: The New Paradigm, Part IV, Ch. 15, pages 395-414
September 2006
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Dina Q. Goldin, Scott A. Smolka, Peter Wegner (eds.)

Interaction is a fundamental dimension for modelling and engineering complex computational systems. More generally, interaction is a critical issue in the understanding of complex systems of any sort: as such, it has emerged in several well-established scientific areas other than computer science, like biology, physics, social and organizational sciences.
In this chapter, we take a multidisciplinary view of interaction by drawing parallels between researches outside and within computer science.
We point out some of the basic patterns of interaction as they emerge from a number of heterogeneous research fields, and show how they can be brought to computer science and provide new insights on the issue of interaction in complex computational systems.

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