System Support for Pervasive Applications

Robert Grimm, Janet Davis, Eric Lemar, Adam Macbeth, Steven Swanson, Thomas Anderson, Brian Bershad, Gaetano Borriello, Steven Gribble, David Wetherall

Pervasive computing provides an attractive vision for the future of computing. Computational power will be available everywhere. Mobile and stationary devices will dynamically connect and coordinate to seamlessly help people in accomplishing their tasks. For this vision to become a reality, developers must build applications that constantly adapt to a highly dynamic computing environment. To make the developers' task feasible, we present a system architecture for pervasive computing, called <i></i>. Our architecture provides an integrated and comprehensive framework for building pervasive applications. It includes services, such as discovery and migration, that help to build applications and directly simplify the task of coping with constant change. We describe our architecture and its programming model and reflect on our own and others' experiences with using it.

ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 22(4), pp. 421-486, November 2004, ACM, New York, NY, USA.

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