Knowledge Construction in E-learning Context: CSCL, ODL, ICT and SNA in Education

Maria Cristina Matteucci, Andrea Omicini, Elena Nardini, Pietro Gaffuri (eds.)

CEUR Workshop Proceedings 398, 1-2 September 2008
Sun SITE Central Europe, RWTH Aachen University
The 2008 International Conference (KCEC 2008), 1-2 September 2008, Cesena, Italy. Proceedings

The proceedings contain 34 papers. The topics discussed include: social networks and knowledge construction promotion in e-learning contexts; collaborative online learning: a heterogeneous phenomenon; agent-based collaboration systems: a case study; the construction of knowledge through gaming. how to engage university students in the understanding of the historical developments of knowledge and scholarship via playing and networking; e-learning by doing with computational logic; open education and virtual communities: an experience; open source LMS and web 2.0 for supplementary teaching: an experience; a problematic teaching model for the implementation of e-learning formative pathways; a web-based learning tool for applied mathematics disciplines; laboratory door opens to non-formal learning communities. science centers as mediators; and virtual teams and preferential attachment for intrinsic motivation.

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Maria Cristina Matteucci, Andrea Omicini, Elena Nardini, Pietro Gaffuri

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CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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1-2 September 2008


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