Coordination of Internet Agents. Models, Technologies, and Applications

Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli, Matthias Klusch, Robert Tolksdorf (eds.)

As today's most complex computing environment, the Internet confronts IT researchers, system designers, and application developers with completely new challenges and, as a fascinating new computing paradigm, agent technology has recently attracted broad interest and strong hopes for shaping the future information society. Relating both, the Internet and agents, opens up a whole new range of advanced applications in vibrant subfields of information technology such as middleware, mobile commerce, e-learning, collaborative working, and intelligent information services. Many modern advanced systems are likely to exploit Internet agents - and exploiting Internet agents mostly means dealing with coordination models and technologies of various sorts. This monograph-like anthology is the first systematic guide to models and enabling technologies for the coordination of intelligent agents on the Internet and respective applications.

 March 2001. Pages XXVII, 524. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

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Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli, Matthias Klusch, Robert Tolksdorf

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