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page_white_acrobat Injecting (Micro)Intelligence in the IoT: Logic-based Approaches for (M)MAS (paper in proceedings, 2019) — Andrea Omicini, Roberta Calegari
page_white_acrobat Logic Programming as a Service in Multi-Agent Systems for the Internet of Things (article in journal, 2019) — Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat The Butlers Framework for Socio-Technical Smart Spaces (paper in proceedings, 2016) — Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti
page_white_acrobat Extending a Smart Home Multi-Agent System with Role-Based Access Control (paper in proceedings, 2014) — Enrico Denti, Roberta Calegari, Marco Prandini
page_white_acrobat A Simulation Framework for Pervasive Services Ecosystems (paper in proceedings, 2011) — Danilo Pianini, Mirko Viroli, Sara Montagna
page_white_acrobat Coordination Models and Languages: From Parallel Computing To Self-Organisation (article in journal, 2011) — Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli
page_white_acrobat A Framework for Utilizing Qualitative Spatial Relations between Networked Embedded Systems (article in journal, 2010) — Clemens Holzmann, Alois Ferscha
page_white_acrobat A Framework for Modelling and Implementing Self-Organising Coordination (paper in proceedings, 2009) — Mirko Viroli, Matteo Casadei, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat Smart Environments as Agent Workspaces (article in journal, 2008) — Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci, Giuseppe Vizzari
page_white_acrobat Programming Pervasive and Mobile Computing Applications with the TOTA Middleware (paper in proceedings, 2004) — Marco Mamei, Franco Zambonelli
page_white_acrobat Introduction to This Special Issue on Context-Aware Computing (article in journal, 2001) — Thomas Moran, Paul Dourish

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