tag : expressiveness

4 publications
page_white_acrobat Probabilistic Modular Embedding for Stochastic Coordinated Systems (paper in proceedings, 2013) — Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat On the Expressive Power of KLAIM-based Calculi (article in journal, 2006) — Rocco De Nicola, Daniele Gorla, Rosario Pugliese
page_white_acrobat On the Incomparability of Gamma and Linda (technical report, 1998) — Gianluigi Zavattaro
page_white_acrobat The Semantics of a Parallel Language based on a Shared Data Space (technical report, 1992) — Paolo Ciancarini, Keld K. Jensen, Dani Yankelevich

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