tag : domain specific languages

4 publications
page_white_acrobat 2P-Kt: logic programming with objects & functions in Kotlin (paper in proceedings, 2020) — Giovanni Ciatto, Roberta Calegari, Enrico Siboni, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat Aggregate Programming for the Internet of Things (article in journal, 2015) — Jacob Beal, Danilo Pianini, Mirko Viroli
page_white_acrobat Using Domain Specific Languages for platform-based software development: The case of Android (paper in proceedings, 2010) — Antonio Natali, Ambra Molesini
page_white_acrobat Model-driven Generation of Graphical Maps for e-Contents (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Antonio Natali, Enrico Oliva, Cristina Bonanni

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